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Zongzi, Sticky Rice Dumpling (Bak Zhang) 肉粽子

In many countries like China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, we celebrated the Dragon Boat Festival together during mid of the year and this has been a tradition of Chinese. Other than Dragon Boat race, another must-do during the festival is to eat the Zongzi, which is the sticky rice dumpling or Chinese tamales. It is a… Continue reading Zongzi, Sticky Rice Dumpling (Bak Zhang) 肉粽子

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Opera Cake 歌剧院蛋糕

Learn how to make Opera Cake recipe at home - a heavenly tasty chocolate and coffee cake that gives you a unique combination of mouthfeel and taste. Each layer of chocolate ganache and coffee buttercream between the joconde sponge cake is will make you so appetising. It's a classic French dessert that you will not… Continue reading Opera Cake 歌剧院蛋糕