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Ondeh Ondeh (Onde Onde)

Ondeh Ondeh is a popular Nyonya dessert in Southeast Asia countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. It originated in Jawa, Indonesia, named Klepton. Ondeh Ondeh is made of pandan flavoured glutinous ball, filled with molten aromatic palm sugar, then coated with fresh shredded coconut. You can enjoy the feeling of the palm sugar burst… Continue reading Ondeh Ondeh (Onde Onde)

Chinese · Hard · Snack

Zongzi, Sticky Rice Dumpling (Bak Zhang) 肉粽子

In many countries like China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, we celebrated the Dragon Boat Festival together during mid of the year and this has been a tradition of Chinese. Other than Dragon Boat race, another must-do during the festival is to eat the Zongzi, which is the sticky rice dumpling or Chinese tamales. It is a… Continue reading Zongzi, Sticky Rice Dumpling (Bak Zhang) 肉粽子

Chinese · Medium · Snack

Alkaline Dumpling (Kee Chang) 碱水粽子

Dragon Boat Festival is a meaningful festival for Chinese and it is always happening near summer solstice. Other than Dragon boat race, rice dumpling is a must eat food during the festival. There are different type of rice dumpling, but today we are making the sweet alkaline dumpling, it is always eat with coconut sugar… Continue reading Alkaline Dumpling (Kee Chang) 碱水粽子