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Alkaline Dumpling (Kee Chang) 碱水粽子

Dragon Boat Festival is a meaningful festival for Chinese and it is always happening near summer solstice. Other than Dragon boat race, rice dumpling is a must eat food during the festival. There are different type of rice dumpling, but today we are making the sweet alkaline dumpling, it is always eat with coconut sugar syrup and nice for the sweet-toothed. Some people will put red bean inside, but we are not going to do that today because we just want to go with the simplest form of alkaline dumpling. 端午节是华人的一个有意义的节日,它通常都会在夏至期间。除了划龙舟,粽子更是少不了的美食。虽然有不同种类的粽子,不过我们今天做的是甜甜的碱水粽子,它通常会和椰糖酱一起吃,适合喜欢甜的你。有些人会放红豆馅在里面,当今天我们只是做一个最简单的碱水粽子。

ServingsPrep TimeCook TimeTotal Time
6 servings 30 minutes2 hours 15 minutes2 hours 45 minutes


  • 250g Glutinous rice
  • 1g Lye water
  • 1tsp Vegetables oil
  • 100g Coconut sugar
  • 100g Coconut milk
  • 12 Bamboo leaves


Watch the video tutorial for more details and tips

Preparing Rice Dumpling

  1. Rinse and soak 250g glutinous rice for few hours.
  2. Remove the rice from water. Mix with 1g lye water and vegetables oil. You can increase the amount of lye water if you prefer.
  3. Soak and cut the two end of the bamboo leaves.
  4. Fold the bamboo leaves into a cone shape. Fill in the rice and tie the dumpling with a string.
  5. Cover the rice dumplings with water and cook for 2 hours.

Preparing Coconut Sugar Syrup

  1. Slice the 100g coconut sugar into smaller pieces.
  2. Melt the coconut sugar with 100g of coconut milk.
  3. Cook until coconut sugar is melted.
  4. Eat the rice dumpling with sugar for best tasty experience.


  • 250g 糯米
  • 1g 碱水
  • 1tsp 植物油
  • 100g 椰糖块
  • 100g 椰奶
  • 12 粽叶




  1. 清洗和浸泡250g糯米几小时。
  2. 倒掉水后,加入1g碱水和植物油。你按照喜好添加更多碱水。
  3. 浸泡和剪掉粽叶的两端。
  4. 将粽叶对摺,形成漏斗形。放入糯米后,用绳子绑上。
  5. 把水位盖过粽子,煮2个小时。


  1. 将100g椰糖块切碎。
  2. 将切碎的椰糖块和100g椰奶放入锅里煮至融化。
  3. 将椰糖酱淋上碱水粽子最好吃了。

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